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You’ve been home long enough that you’re starting to wonder if this quarantine will ever end. Your kids would rather be back in school than doing another day inside with online coursework. Three meals a day at home plus snacks means there are more dishes to wash than ever before. You might even have to manage all of that on top of a job you are telecommuting too. Your normal methods of coping with stress may no longer be available to you. So what do you do?

Well, we’ve got some ideas for you that will hopefully help take the edge off of this crazy time.

  1. Wake up earlier. This may seem counterintuitive to you but it will give you the chance to have some peace and quiet before the rest of the house gets up. Use this time to do some stuff to take care of your own spirit. Maybe use a meditation app or spend some time journaling. Writing down what you’re grateful for in a time like this is a productive and helpful practice that will keep your mind focused on the good rather than the bad.
  2. Get some exercise. Getting your heart rate up by doing cardio and something that works your muscles is just a thing your body needs to keep your mind clear. It will also help you not to be so sedentary which is a danger and a temptation when you cannot leave the house.
  3. Cook something fun. Bake some cookies with your kids. Ask your mother for her recipe for your favorite comfort food growing up. Or go by your favorite frozen pizza or gallon of ice cream. Or maybe find a cooking class on YouTube and whip up something unusual and exotic.
  4. Use your hands. Maybe you could discover a new hobby. One suggestion is to find a pencil drawing art class online and spend some time holding that skill. Maybe you enjoy knitting or crocheting, or woodworking out in the garage. Whatever it is do something creative and productive. It’s a definite mood booster to have something to admire once you’re done.
  5. Get rid of stuff. This may not seem like a stress reliever, but once you’ve gone through your closet, your chest of drawers, or even the kitchen and garage and organized it by getting rid of stuff you will definitely feel like you have reduced the amount of clutter which is good for your brain as well.

Any or all of these suggestions can help you make the most of your time at home during this quarantine period. What ideas do you have? We’d love to hear your tips for the rest of us!

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