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Today is Monica’s birthday, and since it’s MONICA DAY, we thought we would tell you as many awesome facts about her as possible in this short post.

We actually just celebrated her two-year work-a-versary because Monica is our Money Maestro who keeps us in line. (Get it? “In line”? #OrthodonticJokes). Jokes aside, we don’t know what we’d do without Monica.

Monica is from Italy and is an amazing cook. She learned so much from her Mom and calls her mom her inspiration for what it means to be a good person. In her free time, Monica loves to watch Rugby, Lacrosse, and Cross Country, which are the sports her children play. She says that the worst pet she ever had was a rock! Ha! But what’s funny is that we know she has a secret talent in the ability to crochet anything and think people might enjoy pet rocks more if only Monica were to crochet them some pet-rock clothes!

Mother’s Day is her favorite day because her children still make her cards, which are her favorite things. We hope this Birthday is Monica’s sweetest yet!

Happiest Birthday to the best Money Maestro in the world!!!

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