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When I say Jessie, You Say Birthday!


Jessie! Birthday!

Jessie! Birthday!


That’s right, guys. It’s Jessie’s birthday, and she deserves the biggest celebration possible! We’re really wanting you to get to know her for so many reasons, but mostly because in high school, her favorite song was DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat,” and that’s what we’re singing right now on her behalf!

Jessie is a romantic, married to her high-school sweetheart and totally in love with her awesome kiddos, Lucy (her Jack Russell Terrier), and Rosie (her super fat house cat… like, it’s super super fat).

Though she secretly wishes she worked for Dunder Mifflin, we know she’s a better fit here because a day without her game-changing laugh in the office isn’t a day we want happening.

Lover of Suzie’s Mexican Restaurant, any kind of pet, Jessie is a great addition to our office, and we choose working with her over Pam at Dunder Mifflin any day.

Everyone clear your throats and wish Jessie the Happiest Birthday!







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