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We have a feeling it’s going to be a good day, because today is Emily’s birthday, and we believe she’s one of the best around. ?

Emily is one of our clinical assistants, and working with her is such a joy. She loves to see confidence grow in our patients, and that is evident in the way she interacts with everyone in our office.

Emily has also recently had an awakening! She is now a morning person because she has a beautiful new baby boy. Funny how that happens. ?

Even without her usual beauty sleep, she’s fun to be around; no matter what stage of life she’s in. She’s a huge fan of Sweet Home Alabama, and one day dreams of Greece and believes Journey is the greatest band in the history of the world. Want to make Emily happy? Make her a steak and turn on HGTV! Because she’s classic like that and loves decor and beautiful things.

Here’s the message we want to send her on her birthday: ? “Don’t stop believin’! Just hold on to that feeling!” ?

Because, Emily, it’s your birthday, and we hope it’s your very best one yet. Happy Birthday to Emily !!!


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