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Listen up everyone!



Today is a very special day! Today we celebrate Dr. Shoe’s birthday!! He’s 29 (again?)

What can we say about Dr. Shoe? Working with him is the absolute best.   He genuinely cares about his team and actively gets our feedback on how we can continue to improve.  He is a fantastic leader who pushes us each day to be the best that we can possibly be. Dr. Shoe is also hysterical and keeps us laughing at his corny jokes all day.  He has a wonderful ability to put a positive spin on any situation.

He makes sure to engage patients at each visit, so they always know exactly where they are in the process and still allows them to ask questions.  Dr. Shoe truly cares about each patient and consistently goes above and beyond to make sure that their experience is top notch.
For his birthday this year, we surprised him with a scavenger hunt around Gettysburg.  We saved all of the most embarrassing challenges for him of course, including having him sing Christina Aguilera’s, “Genie in a Bottle” to a lovely lady dressed in period clothing.

Working with Dr. Shoe is always a good time. We’re a lucky office to work on such a great team, with such an AMAZING leader.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Shoe!


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