Ware are SUPER excited to announce our 🌞BE THE CHANGE 🌞campaign!

Please help us find and celebrate “Leaders of Change” in your school, in just 3 simple steps!

1️⃣ Identify a person 👫 (student 👩‍🎓, teacher 👨‍🏫, administrator, support staff, coach 🏆, bus driver 🚌), team, club, or classroom ✏ making your school a better place.

2️⃣ Let our team at Shoe Orthodontics 💚 know about them!! Send us an email at hello@shoeortho.com with the title “Be the Change Nomination.” Please write us a brief summary 📝in the email discussing what they’re doing to make your school AWESOME! 😎👏 Please also include their name/group name, which school they are elevating, and your name.

3️⃣ Keep an eye 👁 on our Facebook page! We will be choosing “Leaders of Change” from the entries on a monthly basis. They will receive special recognition 🌟 and gifts 🎁 of appreciation/encouragement! ❤🤩

💛🌞Keep nominating throughout the school year and nominate as many individuals/groups as you see deserving. Please note that ANYONE can nominate and ANYONE CAN MAKE A CHANGE! 🌞💛


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